In this business district, there remain a lot of old buildings of the prewar period, in which nice shops, galleries and restaurants tenanted. A river runs north-side of this area and there is an island called Nakanoshima after crossing the characteristic bridge. Nakanoshima park is always beautiful inbetween two rivers, the rose garden in season especially.

11. (SHOP)
Shibakawa building / 芝川ビル

Retro building shops and restaurants inside
3-3-3 Fushimimachi, Chuo Ward
*hours and holidays depend on the shops

12. (SHOP)
Fushimi building / 伏見ビル

Retro building shops and galleries inside
2-2-3 Fushimimachi, Chuo Ward
*hours and holidays depend on the shops

13. (SHOP)
Aoyama building / 青山ビル

Ivy-covered building restaurants inside
2-2-6 Fushimimachi, Chuo Ward
*hours and holidays depend on the shops

FOLK old book store&restaurant

Cafeteria on the ground floor&old books downstairs
1-2-1 Hiranomachi, Chuo Ward
06-7172-5980 CLOSED / irregular
13:00-20:00(RESTAURANT 11:30-)(sun -19:00)

15. (CAFE)
NEW PURE + / Chika No Akichi

One and only boutique and alternative space downstairs
1-1-4 Awajimachi, Chuou Ward
06-6226-8574 CLOSED / irregular

16. (CAFE)

Cafe with nice atmosphere in by-station building
1-7-3 Kouraibashi, Chuo Ward(Kitahama plaza 1F)
06-6223-5560 no holiday
10:00-20:00(sun -18:00)

dieci / ディエチ

Ceramics and lifestyle shop, cozy cafe upstairs
1-1-11 Tenjinbashi, Kita Ward
06-6882-7828 CLOSED / tue

18. (SPOT)
Beautiful bridges

Various bridges over the rivers. Our favourites are ; NANIWA-BASHI : Known as Lion bridge. Stone lions settle at its ends. SUISHO-BASHI : Seen from the other bridges, beautiful arches reflected on the river surface.

19. (SHOP/BAR)

Record Shop with cafe&bar
1-29 Kitahama Higashi.Chuo ward(2F)
06-6314-6541 CLOSED/mon